Sportoid | Meet Our Players
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Founding Partner
Harish Krishnamachar

Harish has 30 years of work experience and has been in the sports Industry since 2006. He brings a conceptual and strategic perspective to the business and has in his early days in the industry actively managed event delivery as well.

A desire to see brands and players get fair value and a belief that sport as a marketing multiplier is unrivalled have kept his interest in the industry alive.

An amateur poker player and recent dog lover, Harish spends some of his time teaching almost anyone willing to listen.

Founding Partner
Nitin Khanna

Nitin has 20 years of work experience and has been in the sports industry since 2006. With the strength of his relationships – across both clients and sportspeople, Nitin has created substantial value across the spectrum of the sports value chain.

He is driven in part by the idea that Indian sport has only one way forward and that is exponential growth. His mandate to himself has been to curb over exuberance in sporting values and ensure stronger foundations.

A passionate sports fan with an encyclopedic memory for events and statistics, his passion is matched by that for his personal fitness.

Business Development
Kiran Kumar R

Kiran joins Sportoid after 16 years in the industry as a client, running a business and stints in media sales. He has worked with large organizations like – TVS Motor, Bharti Airtel, Radio Mirchi and Walt Disney. With an explicit mandate to grow sports representation by Sportoid, he starts our foray into the South of India, an area where he has built teams and worked across every significant market.

Kiran is no stranger to brands and marketers across categories – automobiles, durables and FMCG included. He brings to the sports industry an outside in perspective that is driven by delivering value for investments marketers make to achieve desired business results.

As a person who believes in taking charge of his own destiny, Kiran finds this expression best summed up on his annual treks into the less explored parts of the hills and mountains in the Himalayas.

Event Delivery & Management
Prateek Yadav

Prateek as the young turk in the group has 4 year of work experience. Has been involved with football – the reason he chose this industry – through that period. He has worked across the areas of event delivery, venue management and sponsor management.

Challenging the status quo in football and working towards changing the landscape so that it allows grassroots talent to find its rightful space is what would fulfill his dreams.

When not being in the thick of sports and its delivery, you would probably find him on the back of his favourite bike or behind the viewfinder of his camera.